The Top 10 Distinctions between Dream Fulfillers and Dream Killers

DISTINCTION TEN: Dream fulfillers are finishers. Dream killers are starters.
DISTINCTION NINE: Dream fulfillers are fully engaged. Dream killers are only enrolled.
DISTINCTION EIGHT: Dream fulfillers feed their faith and starve their fears. Dream killers feed their fears and starve their faith.
DISTINCTION SEVEN: Dream fulfillers build a life. Dream killers make a living.
DISTINCTION SIX: Dream fulfillers are awake. Dream killers are asleep.
DISTINCTION FIVE: Dream fulfillers are happy and healthy. Dream killers are depressed and sick.
DISTINCTION FOUR: Dream fulfillers believe in principles. Dream killers believe in situational ethics.
DISTINCTION THREE: Dream fulfillers walk through the valley. Dream killers pitch a tent in the valley.
DISTINCTION TWO: Dream fulfillers believe in destiny. Dream killers believe in chance and coincidence.
DISTINCTION ONE: Dream fulfillers know the Dream Giver. Dream killers know the destroyer.