The Spiritual Millionaire: The Spirit Of Wisdom Will Make You Rich

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“I knew I was going to be blessed by this book the moment I picked it up; and I was not disappointed. The Spiritual Millionaire is packed full of true wisdom that will enhance anyone’s life, and help them to achieve their desired results in their life quests.

The author gently explains to you about wisdom and teaches you how to recognize and follow the leading that is nudging you towards success. He does this by helping you to understand the workings of your mind, or thought life, your desires, and helping you to see the vision that the Lord has for you. Once you see and understand that, you can reach for the stars and continue to climb. If you have Spiritual wisdom, there is no limit to your future; questions asked and answers given help to establish an understanding of what to do and how to achieve your goal.

This work is very reader friendly, easy to understand and quite uplifting. It is full of hope and encouragement for a better tomorrow. Well worth your time and attention.”
-By Shirley Priscilla Johnson

“The Spiritual Millionaire: The Spirit of Wisdom Will Make You Rich is a guide especially for Christians who seek harmony between their faith in God and their efforts to achieve prosperity. In the quest to earn a comfortable living, enough to provide for the self and the family well after retirement or passing, The Spiritual Millionaire demonstrates how to tap into spiritual wisdom to enhance personal productivity and success. Chapters address the value of prayer and meditation to stabilizing one’s frame of mind, the power of love as a motivating force to earn success, how all things are possible to all people, the values of enthusiasm and perseverance, and much more. A morale-boosting and spiritually reassuring guide.”
-By Midwest Book Review

“The Spiritual Millionaire focuses on universal principles that will empower you to become rich not just financially but Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. It is a quick and easy read that inspires you to dream big and follow your heart. Too bad the guy who wrote a bad review didn’t even read the book before condemning it from his narrow minded world view. This books help expand your mind to believe that all things are possible.”
-By Angel