Dream fulfillers are finishers.
Dream killers are starters.

What is your dream? Do you take time to think about your dream every day? Few people do. One of the biggest reasons for this is distractions. Sadly, many people have either not started to pursue their dreams or are sidetracked by distractions when in pursuit of their dreams.

Distractions are inevitable; they are a part of pursuing your dreams. Everyone has distractions in their lives; learning to deal with them and staying focused is a secret to seeing your dream fulfilled.
Dream fulfillers are finishers because they have learned how to deal with distractions. Dream killers start toward their dreams but they allow distractions to stop them from taking consistent action. Consistency is a key to victory. If you only pursue your dream occasionally you will eventually quit pursuing it.

How can you deal with distractions? What I am about to tell you may sound too simple but if you haven’t discovered this yet it will transform your life and help you get back on track with your dream. One of the best ways to deal with distractions is learning to say no. A distraction is something that is not in alignment with your dream. By saying no you can stay focused on your dream. Saying no to distractions is an absolute must if you are going to see your dream fulfilled. Learning to say no will strengthen your focus and increase your clarity. Always remember: clarity is power. It is powerful to finish what you start. If you allow distractions to steal your focus, then you will kill your dream.

Focus is the opposite of distraction. Staying focused simply means to consistently say yes to the things that are in alignment with your dream and no to the things that are not. Dream fulfillers are finishers because they stay focused.

What do you do when you have a distraction that you can’t say no to or when there is something you can’t ignore? The answer is to handle it as quickly as possible. Do not let distractions build up on you—because if you do, you will kill your dream.

Procrastination is a terrible enemy of dream fulfillers but it is a friend of dream killers. Allowing distractions to stack up can lead to overwhelm which leads to shutdown. Say no when you should and immediately take care of the things that must be done. These two simple rules will help you become a dream fulfiller.

You must learn to handle distractions because they lead to disappointment. Hear me clearly: allowing distractions to build up will lead to disappointment. When you find yourself disappointed, immediately reappoint yourself to your dream before you get discouraged.

It’s okay to be disappointed, but it’s not okay to be discouraged. If you have allowed yourself to become discouraged, then it is time to encourage yourself. It is your responsibility to encourage yourself. It is nice when others encourage you but if you sit around waiting for someone else to encourage you, you will spend a lot of time stuck in a rut. If you spend too much time stuck in a rut, you will end up in depression.

Did you notice all of these words start with the letter D? Distractions lead to disappointments, disappointments lead to discouragement, and discouragement leads to depression. Most people are totally unaware that they ended up in depression because they never learned how to handle distractions. Don’t let distractions and your disappointments get you off track. Be a finisher.

• Say no to everything that is not in alignment with your dream.
• Things that you can’t say no to must be handled as quickly as possible.
• Do not let distractions build up or you will become discouraged.
• If you do become discouraged, find a way to encourage yourself.
• If you have allowed yourself to be discouraged for so long that you are now battling with depression, then get focused on your dream again and restart taking action.

Dream fulfillers have to restart themselves toward their dream hundreds and even thousands of times before they finish what they started. Every distraction, every disappointment, every discouragement, every battle with depression is just a temporary stop for dream fulfillers. They get started again as soon as possible. Dream killers start and stop and don’t get restarted. Dream fulfillers start, stop, and start again many, many times. Restarting is the difference between a goal setter and a goal achiever. A lot of people have set goals and never achieve them simply because of one of those negative D-words.

I am now going to share a positive D-word with you that makes all the difference: diligence. Diligence is the ability to start, stop, and start again. Diligence is the ability to stay focused and take consistent action. Diligence is the commitment to your dream that will cause you to work hard and carry you through to completion. Diligence is one of the primary characteristics of all dream fulfillers. It is a must-have to being a finisher. Diligence is a decision to work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. It is a commitment to make your dream come true in spite of the inevitable distractions and disappointments. Diligence empowers dream fulfillers to persevere. Diligence and perseverance empower you to be a finisher.

Perseverance is the power to endure tough times. Perseverance is fueled by a belief that your dream is possible and it is worth all the stuff you must go through to get it. Without perseverance, without the belief that your dream is possible and it’s worth everything you are going through, you will become a dream killer. You must dream it and believe it to achieve it.
Dream fulfillers are believers. Dream killers are doubters. Believing enables you to finish. Doubting causes you to stop after you started and not get restarted. Believe in your dream and you will develop diligence and perseverance and will overcome all the distractions, disappointments, discouragements, and depressions. Don’t be a starter who becomes quitter. Be a finisher.

Dream fulfillers are finishers.
Dream killers are starters.